Our Mission

Through our hands-on educational techniques, we seek to prepare students for the future without resorting to rote memorization or repetition, and our environmental program aims to ensure that our students can grow up in a country whose natural ecosystems remain healthy and protected.

ELI Corps

The ELI Corps program offers year-round education services to underprivileged youth. ELI Corps members are comprised of professionals, as well as qualified secondary and tertiary students, who operate after-school classes in our education centers.

ELI Scholars

The ELI Scholar program serves as an action-based think tank where qualified graduate students identify critical issues that affect local Mauritian communities and draw on their personal academic development and professional experience to develop and lead relevant projects.

ELI Fellows

The ELI Fellows program involves undergraduate students from Yale University who staff the education centers in June and July and run classes in various education areas. However, their presence on the island is limited to only eight weeks and this is where the ELI Corps comes in.

From The Blog

Spay & Neuter-Save A Life!

Recently, the Mauritian Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management has signified his intention to have recourse to mass catching and killing of stray dogs found on  the island’s beaches. This decision created an upsurge among animal lovers who view this action as inhumane and one which is devoid of compassion. Besides, such action [...]


ELI Africa: 83.3% Pass Rate For CPE Exams 2014

Great news to start the academic year at our ELI education Center! For the  CPE exams 2014, the ELI teaching center found at Roche Bois registered a passing rate of 83.3%, an increase of 10.6% when compared to the center’s passing rate for the year 2013.  Five of the six students from the Roche Bois [...]


Taking care of our pets!

      . Everyone wants to keep a pet for company. While some may prefer dogs, others may want cats. Still then, though the choice of animals may differ, these animals require one thing in common: Proper Care! If you have a pet at your place, it is your duty to take care of [...]


On The Route To A Better Tomorrow!

Education plays an important role in the life of man. As Malala Yousafzai rightly said, “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world.” Education ensures equality, eliminates social difference and eradicates poverty. Besides, when someone is educated, his confidence level is increased and NOBODY can prevent him from changing his destiny. ELI [...]


Let’s Save A Soul!

Recent surveys have concluded that the Mauritius’s canine population consists of about 60 000 strays. Stray animals in Mauritius are seen going through garbage in streets looking for food and regardless of the outcomes when they are captured – many would prefer not to see them. Contrary to humans, animals do NOT have a say [...]


What’s Your Resolution?

2015 is finally here and many of you are thinking about your resolutions. There’s no need to think further because we’ve got one for you.  What do you think of adopting a shelter dog? It will be a great start to the New Year. If you are not convinced why this should be your New [...]


STEP UP, Mauritius!

Visitors and sponsors often describe ELI Africa as a family. My own experience certainly shows that to be true. From the founder to the volunteers, and everyone in between, there is a real, tangible sense of connection between the public and the NGO. Those connections are part of the magic, a tenacity of spirit and [...]


Saving Our Heritage!

On Sunday 28th of December Eli Africa proceeded  to the planting of 265 endemic trees in the Eli forest found at Plaines des Roches. The objective of this activity which comes in the wake of the Eli Forest project  is to preserve Mauritius’s endemic flora and make the environment better today for a better tomorrow [...]


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