Our Mission

Through our hands-on educational techniques, we seek to prepare students for the future without resorting to rote memorization or repetition, and our environmental program aims to ensure that our students can grow up in a country whose natural ecosystems remain healthy and protected.

ELI Corps

The ELI Corps program offers year-round education services to underprivileged youth. ELI Corps members are comprised of professionals, as well as qualified secondary and tertiary students, who operate after-school classes in our education centers.

ELI Scholars

The ELI Scholar program serves as an action-based think tank where qualified graduate students identify critical issues that affect local Mauritian communities and draw on their personal academic development and professional experience to develop and lead relevant projects.

ELI Fellows

The ELI Fellows program involves undergraduate students from Yale University who staff the education centers in June and July and run classes in various education areas. However, their presence on the island is limited to only eight weeks and this is where the ELI Corps comes in.

From The Blog

DIY Summer Program

Winsley mixing eggs with chocolate-butter mix Hey friends ! It’s Anastazia, but for you guys, it’s Ana ! I’m among the few volunteers who teaches at Roches- Bois weekly. Having two little sisters, I conduct home activities during holidays to keep them alert and engrossed. As the long summer holidays approached, I proposed a Cooking/ [...]


Don’t Chain Your Dog!

  Hello! My name is Yugal Nathoo and together with Akheel Appadoo,  another ELI volunteer and friend of mine, we are leading the ELI Welfare Of Our Furry Friends (Wooff) project. We are both animal lovers and agree that there are lots of things this project can bring to Mauritius to promote animal welfare. For [...]


Eli Energy Revolution – Time to Update!

Since my last post, many things have changed in our revolutionary project. What started with 6 school leavers is now reduced to only 3 as three of our friends have already left for further studies abroad. (Guys, if you are reading this, we miss you!) Moving on, let’s talk about the actual project. As you [...]


Visit at Eli Forest

Hello people. Well, firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Kushal. I joined ELI a month ago and I am currently leading the ELI endemic forest and Mangrove Propagation projects. I was introduced to ELI by Cedric and eventually by Vedant. Since my childhood, I’ve always liked being outdoor, close to nature. So, when [...]


What Good May I Do

“What Good May I Do” Learning and Learning by Doing – simple terms and yet such major differences. At ELI Africa, we are constantly challenged to think about new and creative ways to get young students involved in experiential learning activities.  The long Wednesday evenings at the Curepipe office are spent brainstorming on how to [...]


-Shark Protection

“Sharks are beautiful animals, and if you’re lucky enough to see lots of them, that means that you’re in a healthy ocean. You should be afraid if you are in the ocean and don’t see sharks.”Sylvia Earle We are witnessing a great surge in media attention that commonly emphasizes the dark side of sharks with [...]


A milestone for ELI Africa

In the following post you will enjoy a brief snapshot of our project presentation with EIS. You will meet students whose achievements belie their ages, and you will understand that if you really put your mind to achieving something, there is very little you can’t do. This is Yowan, the Team Leader, introducing our solar [...]


Engineering the win

It’s confirmed!! We are going public with our collaboration with EIS, a subsidiary of Rogers Ltd! Our solar panel project has recently been approved for funding by the Rogers Foundation, and this association is the beginning of a lifelong commitment toward a greener Mauritius. Perhaps the best outcome of our solar panel project, over and [...]


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