Our Mission

Through our hands-on educational techniques, we seek to prepare students for the future without resorting to rote memorization or repetition, and our environmental program aims to ensure that our students can grow up in a country whose natural ecosystems remain healthy and protected.

ELI Corps

The ELI Corps program offers year-round education services to underprivileged youth. ELI Corps members are comprised of professionals, as well as qualified secondary and tertiary students, who operate after-school classes in our education centers.

ELI Scholars

The ELI Scholar program serves as an action-based think tank where qualified graduate students identify critical issues that affect local Mauritian communities and draw on their personal academic development and professional experience to develop and lead relevant projects.

ELI Fellows

The ELI Fellows program involves undergraduate students from Yale University who staff the education centers in June and July and run classes in various education areas. However, their presence on the island is limited to only eight weeks and this is where the ELI Corps comes in.

From The Blog


‘Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today.’ – John Lennon John Lennon was apparently high on LSD when he wrote ‘Imagine’. LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) is a psychedelic drug known for enhancing creativity. And we all know how [...]


ELI Africa, an experiential learning initiative ?

Blogs ago, we introduced the idea of teaching the kids at the ELI center, through our energy-efficient programme. It includes coaching the children via 3D modeling and animation of a computerized model of our solar tree prototype. The 3D modeling and animation, as explained by our team mate, Mahesh Gaya, is a free animation software, [...]


72.7% Success

Hello World. My apologies. I know it’s been some time since you’ve heard from me but chill out because I’ve got some good news. (And I’m fine in case you want to know. ) So here are some numbers. 5 students from the Pamplemousses center and 6 students from the Roches Bois center took part [...]


Telling our story

Priyanka Somrah, Communication Officer, Yowan Ramchoreeter, Team Leader, Kevin Neetoreea, Electronics Officer, Karshik Raye Ramdhonee, Creative Head, Justin Lam Po Tang, Electronics Officer, Mahesh Gaya, Education Officer.   Imagine the economic and environmental benefits of monocrystalline solar cells that generate energy to fuel your daily power consumption. With our solar panel project, we set high [...]


Love of Trees

7:30 am. Usually I’m still under my bed sheet but these past 3 days, at this time I have already starting digging and uprooting some of the endemic plants at our ELI forest in Plaine des Roches. Leaving home at 5:20 in the morning is not hard. It’s very hard. The scorching sun and dry [...]


An ELI Day

It has been almost one month since I joined the ELI family but it feels like I have always been a part of this big and welcoming family.  I wake up every day with renewed passion and enthusiasm knowing that I am going to work to the ELI Curepipe Centre. My contribution may not be [...]


The Winds of Change

  The way to promote solar power transmission goes viral at ELI Africa.  


Sketch … ing

Magic fingers. Of all my memories of our numerous group gatherings at the ELI Office at Curepipe, my recent interview with Karshik Raye Ramdhonee, our creative head, is the most captivating. Let’s discover the artistic atmosphere that irradiates from our fellow team mate’s candid recollections. “Work harder, smarter, and faster” is one of the ideals [...]


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