Hello World!

I’m Khirtee, Secretary at ELI Africa Corps and also teacher of the amazing kids out there!

The ELI Africa Corps is a programme of our volunteers in Mauritius. :)

‘Reading in English’, this is what I teach at ELI Africa centre at Mont Gout in Pamplemousses every Sunday.

My first time

The journey is long. In the bus, million of thoughts are running through my mind. How will I do this? Will the children like me? Where should I start? Am I good enough? Will I be able to do it? I step out of the bus and here I am, all alone walking towards the center. A feeling of peace and serenity hit me as I walk around the center. I was introduced to the children and they shyly introduced themselves as well. Surprisingly, I am feeling comfortable and happy being here, with the loving kids. It’s as if I am meant to be here, with you all.

Teaching at ELI Africa

To start with, my classroom is a mixed ability one whereby everyone has his/her own pace of  reading and understanding. Time is not an issue for us! No one is timed. My students take as much time as they need – to read, articulate, understand and react. Questions are  welcomed throughout the reading session. The students are passionate about learning and when they already have the motivation, things become a lot more easier. The reading session is all about general knowledge. However, I have designed  an MIS (Module Information Sheet) which highlights the skills that the students will develop at the end of this module. This MIS guides me and it acts as a plan which I follow each week. As a matter of fact, my students have progressed a lot and I am proud of them!!!

A long way to go

It’s only the begining. I feel I have a lot more to share with the lovely ELI Africa students! I’m blessed to be part of the ELI Africa family!


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