Our projects

  • Endemic Roots

    Reforesting endemic flora and conserving our natural biodiversity
  • Reefs

    Rehabilitating our coral reefs and enhancing the socio-economic well-being of local communities
  • ELI STEM Project

    Science is a beautiful gift to humanity. It is much more than what is taught at school. Today, most of us believe that the everyday gadgets and electronic equipment that we use to improve our lives can only be developed and manufactured by specialized and branded electronic giants. But this is completely ungrounded! We at Eli STEM, have as a goal to prove that with determination and passion and of course the resources, we can develop our own tools. We are determined to showcase to young Mauritians the importance of science and how to use their scientific knowledge to improve their lives. Nowadays, socioeconomic stability and happiness are inherently linked to the progress of science and technology worldwide. Thus, the era that we are living in today has been deemed as the best one to live in so far, regardless of one’s relative wealth. That said, people are ...