ELI Africa Foundation
Fundraising via social entrepreneurship, business and events.

ELI Africa depends on a variety of resources to ensure the expansion and sustainability of its projects. This is where the Foundation has an important role to play. Our purpose is to promote the name of ELI and raise funds through social entrepreneurship, businesses, sports competitions, and artistic events.

Social Entrepreneurship

ELI Africa wishes to revamp our ways of fundraising. We have brought forward the idea of social entrepreneurship whereby money is earned in exchange for something useful and worthwhile. To better exercise this practice, ELI came up with the idea of owning beehives.
Bees contribute in a great way to the protection and conservation of our natural ecosystems around the world through the pollination process. We have therefore placed beehives in our endemic forest at Plaine des Roches. This will not only boost the growth of our plants but also provide us with a means of raising funds through the sale of the honey obtained.


ELI Garden

The ELI Garden acts as an intermediate between nurseries and the Mauritian community, providing the population with a plethora of different types of plants. The sale of decorative plants, endemic trees and innovative garden ornaments provides a constant source of income to sustain our projects. The ELI Garden is the perfect place to buy plants during festive seasons and on special occasions as our volunteers are always coming up with innovative ways of keeping or gifting plants. Through the ELI Garden, we have also launched the Landscaping project in which our young artistic volunteers have been offered the opportunity to develop their creative skills and talent by designing, decorating and rearranging gardens within a company, in villas and even houses.



Events are the most effective and interesting ways to raise funds. The organization of events gives us the opportunity to interact with the public and enable Mauritians to contribute to our causes. We organize concerts in collaboration with local artists, art expositions, handicraft sales, sports competitions and many more in various regions around the island. Through these events, we hope to innovate and expand the horizons of fundraising for NGOs by providing a setting where one can enjoy oneself while learning about the different ways in which they could contribute towards a better tomorrow.



The Foundation is also responsible for raising awareness about ELI Africa and its various projects to encourage more people to join us and help us succeed in accomplishing our missions. Branding acts as a step to ease and render the fundraising process more effective. We aim at promoting our projects through videos, banners and brochures and are working towards making our logo and name more easily recognizable to the public. Our main objective is to give the Mauritian community the opportunity to learn about and get involved in our various projects.

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