Advocating for and educating on animal rights and animal welfare.

The number of stray dogs in Mauritius is growing exponentially day-by-day. Although the government has carried out numerous campaigns to tackle this issue over the years, a high number of stray animals is still visible in current times. Moreover, Mauritius’ reputation about the treatment of its animals has suffered a serious blow in recent years. Articles published in international newspapers showing the various ill-treatments animals are subjected to pay testimony to this fact.

Rescue and rehoming of stray dogs.

We rescue and take care of needy animals (mainly dogs) at our shelter located at Meldrum Street in Curepipe. Our dedicated volunteers take care of the animals on a daily basis; feeding them, cleaning the kennels and playing with them. We also have volunteers who foster the animals in special situations. Later on, we plan to bring in the concept of training and therapy dogs.


Advocating for animal rights

We will seek to make recommendations for the Animal Welfare Bill 2013. We believe there are countless cruelty-free, more reliable and efficient non-animal methods which can be used. Animals in laboratories suffer enormously, both physically and mentally. The ability of animals to suffer and to experience all kinds of emotions must be recognized. We recommend international standards of protections such as not being heartlessly subjected to cruelties in laboratories and the right to humane treatment.

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