Endemic Roots
Reforesting endemic flora and conserving our natural biodiversity.

With unique endemic flora and fauna often found nowhere else in the world, Mauritius has experienced a widespread decline in native species since its original settlement. ELI Africa is committed to reintroducing endemic trees and other flora to a designated site which we now call our ELI forest, and in every household in Mauritius. We sustain our initiatives by promoting environmental education and raising awareness in the local community.

One endemic plant per family.

One of our objectives is to involve every citizen of Mauritius in our mission to reintroduce endemic flora and fauna. Thanks to our recently launched One endemic plant per family campaign, we are giving the opportunity to every household to be a champion in Mauritius’ sustainable development.

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endemic trees planted

The ELI Forest

The area is currently covered by sugarcane and non-native eucalyptus trees. After teaming up with conservators from the Mauritian Forestry Service, it was determined that the site is an ideal location for endemic planting. The land’s topography and geology are able to sustain a wide range of endemic trees. As well, the is area also home to the endangered Mauritian Fruit Bat, and by including endemic, fruit-bearing trees in our forest, we can expand the amount of habitable land for the bats

Conservation through education.

We plan to open up the ELI Forest to the local community in order to increase environmental awareness and inspire personal endemic planting. The ELI Forest also offers an ideal setting to teach our students about the surrounding ecosystem and how citizens both impact and benefit from the island’s environment. Through our environmental education program, we want to inspire and empower a generation of Mauritian students to advance their capabilities in life and take stewardship of their country’s natural environment.


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