Experiential Learning Initiative
Creating a better future for every child by empowering learners and celebrating the diversity of the brains.

ELI Africa aims at bridging the achievement gap between children from low-income families and wealthier ones. We currently run two schools in Kennedy and Bambous after school hours during weekdays and on Saturday morning. Our volunteers run innovative educational programs in math, science, languages and even kinesiology to offer a full-fledged education to children.

Education the ELI way

At ELI Africa, we remain guided by the principle that education is a powerful tool to change the world. Thus, we have come up with educational programs which have been meticulously been designed with the Multiple Intelligences Theory developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to encourage the academic and personal growth of our learners.

We strongly believe that one’s ability to memorize is not a test of intelligence, and we emphasize on “experiential learning” – learning by doing – so that the children better appreciate the process behind.


How we see intelligence



The story behind

The Experiential Learning Program started with a needs assessment survey which revealed an increasing achievement gap between children from low-income families and those from wealthier ones. It was also found that students with weaker verbal and logical intelligence were neglected by the system, no matter how intelligent they may be in other ways.

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Our programs

Our educational programs aim at providing a quality and holistic education to all children regardless of financial means. We want to give our students the opportunity to nurture their passion.

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